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Yuxi Kiln


Xinping’s Orange Manor
Xinping Sakura Town
Rich and Beautiful Villages in Yuanjiang
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· Scientific development, harmonious Yuxi(4)
· Scientific development, harmonious Yuxi(3)
· Scientific development, harmonious Yuxi(2)
· Scientific development, harmonious Yuxi(1)
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· The Longquan River in Yimen County (二)
· The Longquan River in Yimen County (一)
· Nie’r Culture Square
· Fuxian Lake sets up an example
promoting the construction of Gasa town
Promoting the c...
The Cloud Sea and Terrace Fields
· World Highest Bridge Sightseeing Zone
· Mopan Mountain
· Longxi Aristocratic Clan Manor
Witness The 30th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up
Making asphalt in the hot summer in 1987
The fall of Ailao Mountain
30-year Development
30-year Journey
30-year Change
A Brief Introduction to Yuxi
Known as where used to be the mysterious Ancient Dian Kingdom, Yuxi is the hometown of Nie’er the composer of the Chinese National Anthem and the center of tobacco planting & cigarette making industry. Besides, it is endowed with the world famous..More Details
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· The Yuanjiang Kaidi Hotel
· The Xinping Jinmao Hotel
· The Xinping Xinyuan Hotel.
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