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A Brief Introduction to Yuanjiang County

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Yuanjiang County lies Southwest of Yuxi City. It is a Hani, Yi and Dai nationalities autonomous county. It administrates 7 townships and 3 sub-districts. It covers 2,718 square kilometers with 96.5% of mountainous area and 284,100 acres of farming land. Its urban area covers 3.72 square kilometers. Its permanent residents reaches 222,000 with urban residents 81,000 and urbanization rate 36.5%. Basins and mountains are common topography causing typical vertical climate here. The highest elevation is 2,580.2 meters, and the lowest 327 meters. The forest coverage is 50.96% and vegetation rate is 61.9%. The average temperature in 2014 was 24.7 degrees centigrade. There is no winter and frost through the year, which is suitable for planting tropical and subtropical economic crops and serving as a winter resort. About 21 mineral and non-mineral resources have been discovered, including nickel, gold, copper, iron, gypsum, taxoite. Its nickel ore is the second biggest in China with a reserve of 531,000 tons. Its hydropower reserve is 413,900 kilowatts in theory and 25 small-scale stations have been built with a generating capacity of 300 million kilowatts a year. It is among the first one hundred counties in China that carried out electrification project in rural areas. A wind farm with a total installed capacity of 164,000 kilowatts is under construction in Yangchaijie Township. The county also possesses the world’s highest bridge, Ta’ke cliff paintings from three thousand years ago, typical dry valley scenery, terraced fields in Ailao Mountains, and high-mountain reservoirs. It also enjoys location advantage and convenient transportation with Kunming-Bangkok road Chuxiong-Hekou road running through it. It is also the tropical area closest to Kunming.

In recent years, the county government has grown deeper understanding of the county’s conditions, and has been trying to boost new round development while protecting its ecology, guaranteeing people’s livelihood, and maintaining harmonious development. In 2014, the county realized GDP 5.539 billion yuan, local public financial budget income 340 million yuan, local public financial expenditure 1.463 billion yuan, above-scale fixed asset investment 3.661 billion yuan, retail sales of consumer goods 1.915 billion yuan, per capita disposable income of urban residents 26,430 yuan, and per capita disposable income of rural residents 8,851 yuan.

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