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Happiness from Palm Fan Dance Presented Charm of Intangible Cultural Heritage

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  On the evening of July 21, 2017, Happiness from Palm Fan Dance themed as “My Home Beautiful Yuxi” of the 5th China Nie’er Music Chorus Week was performed at Nie’er Grand Theater,Hongta District, Yuxi Municipality, Yunnan Province. More than 1000 audiences appreciated the performance.

  The party is sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Yuxi Municipal Committee, the Culture & Broadcasting and TV Bureau of Yuxi Municipality, undertaken by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Yuanjiang County Committee, Yangjie Township Committee and Yangjie Township Government. The party is consisted of four chapters “Migrating---Palm Fan Dance---Happiness---Welcoming to Yangjie” and other programs. It displays the local customs, as well as the local feature and traditional folk dance---Palm Fan Dance of Yuanjiang Hani Nationality.


  It is learned that Happiness from Palm Fan Dance is a party with local cultural characteristic. Themed with intangible cultural heritage palm fan dance, the party is performed by song and dance to display how the ancestors migrated to Yuanjiang and settled down, the farming culture, palm fan dance and the happy life of the local people.

  The party is highly praised by the audience. The most fascinating is palm fan dance of Yuanjiang Hani Nationality. The performers dressed in ethnic costumes, holding palm fan displays ancient graceful dance & powerful steps and embodies good wishes for greeting the new. The audience could feel the unique charm of national intangible cultural heritage.


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