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Paragliding International Invitational Tournament to be held on Friday in Yuanjiang

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  Winter brought frozen coldness to the north, while Yuanjiang is surprisingly warm and comfortable with fruits on the trees. From 11 to 15 in December, Evergreen Cup (2015) Winter Paragliding International Invitational Tournament will be held in this warm “Sun City”.

  According to introduction, themed on “sunshine, green, passion, and dream”, this tournament will provide races for individuals, groups, including paragliding fixed-point landing, paramotor, delta wing, balloons and other performances.

  Paragliding originated in the early 1970s in Europe and became a nature-friendly and challenging sport over 20 years of development. Record of the longest flight is 14 hours, and the longest distance is more than 300 kilometers. Paragliding was introduced into China in the late 1980s and developed rapidly. So far nearly ten thousand people are fans of paragliding in China.

  Yuanjiang is a place blessed with sunshine, even in winter when many places are frozenly cold. Yuanjiang remains green and beautiful all year long, with an annual average temperature of 23.9 ℃, annual average sunshine duration of 2339.2 hours, and a height from 327 meters to 2580 meters above sea level, which attracts many paragliders to gather here and race each year.

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