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A Brief Introduction to Yimen County

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  Longquan Park  

  Yimen County lies in the central Yunnan and the juncture of Kunming, Yuxi and Chuxiong. It is well-known for water resource and wild mushrooms. The elevation of its territory is between 1,036 and 2,608 meters, with annual rainfall 812.6 mm, annual average temperature 16℃, and annual average sunshine rate 51%. It has convenient transportation, with 86 kilometers from Kunming and 80 kilometers from Yuxi. It administrates 7 townships and 58 village committees, with a total population 178,000. Its area totals 1,571 square kilometers, with mountainous area 97%. It has 1.69 million acres of forest land and the forest coverage reaches 72.16%. It has 26 commercial wood species, including Yunnan pines, Huashan pines, and Keteleeria evelyniana Mast, and 19 rare species including Douglas fir, Yunnan laurel, and incense cedar. It belongs to central-Asia monsoon climate with clear distinction of dry and wet seasons. Its weather is agreeable and the soil is fertile, suitable for developing industry of edible wild mushrooms. Its forests are bestowed with rich resources and the identified wild mushrooms amount to 200 types, of which about 70 is edible. The yield of edible wild mushrooms reach 5,000 tons a year. The mushrooms from the county are of superb quality and large quantity and have been exported to Japan, Russia, Italy, and Hong Kong. The wild mushroom fair has been held since 2005. 

  Yimen has a long history. A county was set up here in 109 B.C. It has rich resources and wonderful ecology. Its mineral reserves include copper, iron, tungsten, Molybdenum, granite, and porcelain clay. It has one of the eight largest copper mines. It has received titles such as National Ecological Demonstration County, National Sanitary County, China’s Ideal Living City, National Demonstration County of Recycling Economy, Yunnan Edible Wild Mushroom Trade Center, Southwestern Construction Porcelain Production Base, Yunnan Key Industrial County, and the core new industrial zone of central Yunnan.

  The county has made the strategy of developing its economy by enhance modern service, ecological recreational tourism, and fruit cultivation in forests. It has wonderful tourism resources. There is water in the city which is surrounded by woods. Mountains, woods, water, and the city integrate nicely and form picturesque scenery. As early as 1391, the county had constructed tunnels to attract water into the city. Now the major historic scenery includes Jingle Temple which was built in Han Dynasty, Qingliang Temple which was built in 1272 in Yuan Dynasty, and Longquan Temple which was built in Daoguang Period of Qing Dynasty. Its intangible cultural heritages include lunar February 2 opera fair starting from late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, copper mining culture starting from Wanli Period of Ming Dynasty, porcelain culture which has experienced 350 years, birthplace of Yi nationality Horse-head Mountain culture which was recorded in Yi’s epic, Waitou Mountain Miao Nationality culture, revolutionary culture represented by martyr Sun Lanying, water scenery in the city, and culinary culture of wild mushrooms. Its natural views include Dalong Spring which was complemented as the most beautiful scene in western Yunnan by the famous painter Dong Yidao from late Qing Dynasty, Jurassic dinosaur fossils from 150 million years ago, and low-hot river valley scenes such as Lvzhi River, Jiansan Gorge, Pingtanzi, and Shilian Temple.

  In 2014, the county realized GDP 6.12 billion yuan, of which the first industry was 1.02 billion yuan, the second industry 3.26 billion yuan, and the third industry 1.84 billion yuan, gross industrial output value 10.02 billion yuan, gross agricultural yield 580 million yuan, local financial expenditure 1.63 billion yuan, attracted domestic investment 5.57 billion yuan and foreign investment 773,000 American dollars, retail sales of consumer goods 1.42 billion yuan, per capita disposable income of rural residents 9,349 yuan, and per capita disposable income of urban residents 26,678 yuan.                        

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