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A Brief Introduction to Xinping County

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Xinping Yi and Dai Nationality Autonomous County lies in southwest of central Yunnan, east side of central Ailao Mountains, and southwest of Yuxi City. It is 180 kilometers from Kunming and 90 kilometers from Yuxi. It neighbors E’shan County on east, Shiping County on southeast, Yuanjiang County on south, Mojiang County on southwest, Zhenyuan County on west, Shuangbai County on north across Lvzhi River. It covers a total area of 4,266 square kilometers. It governs 10 townships, 2 sub-districts, 123 village committees, and 1,463 villager groups, with registered population 274,000, of which Yi and Dai people take up 65%. The county has long been called the emerald of Ailao Mountains with rich reserves of minerals, water energy, plants and animals, and tourism resource. The forest coverage reaches 60.96%. Ailao Natural Conservation Park has been listed as forest ecological observation station by the Man and Biosphere under the United Nations and international migrant birds protection base. About 40,000 Huayaodai, who are the decedents of the royal clan of ancient Dian kingdom, live in the county.

In recent years, the county has been trying to change modes of its economic development and shift focus on mining, power generation, sugar production, tobacco planting, livestock farming, tourism, and fruit cultivation. In 2014, the county realized GDP 10.01 billion yuan, financial revenue 2.11 billion yuan, local financial revenue 1.37 billion yuan, local financial expenditure 2.58 billion yuan, above-scale fixed asset investment 6.02 billion yuan, retail sales of consumer goods 1.66 billion yuan, net income of rural residents 9,300 yuan, and per capita disposable income of urban residents 27,000 yuan.

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