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The Press Conference for Aboma’s War Drum was Held

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  The press conference of Aboma’s War Drum, a micro film was held by the Propaganda Department of Xinping County at Yuxi Daily Agency on July 7, 2017. The micro film presented an ethnic village named Mopi Village to outside world in a unique way by hitting war drum and drinking.


  Aboma’s War Drum narrates a story about inheriting Mopi Drum Dance as provincial intangible cultural heritage. Aboma means the senior in Yi Language. The headmaster is called Aboma at Mopi Village Primary School. The headmaster frequently hits his “war drum”and gives the students “temporary class”. It is learned that drinking and hitting war drum have historical roots at Mopi Village, Xinping County, Yuxi Municipality, Yunnan Province. The ancient Yi Nationality at Mopi Village follows the custom of songs and dances with hitting drum. Mopi Drum is also called war drum since the custom is originated from hitting drum in the war.

  Drinking and Mopi Drum Dance is held on the first day of tiger in the lunar February,so that Mopi Drum Dance is connected with drinking in the micro film Aboma’s War Drum to display how the children to understand “brave”, “restrain”, “responsibility” and “reconciliation”.


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