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The 16th Flower Street Started

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  When it comes to spring, gentle breeze and sweet flower scent will take your breath away. The 16th Flower Street of Tonghai County kicked off on Feb 22th after an impressive opening ceremony in East Street of Tonghai at 10:00, covering 7 days in total. As usual, different zones are designed for flowers and bonsais exhibition and cultural goods exhibition, to show its rich resources in culture and tourism, as well as its great achievement in economy. Besides, visitors can also enjoy performances and cultural activities prepared by local folks.


  There has to be flowers in this city of fame and at this moment of spring. Since 1990, Flower Street has become an official event around Lantern Festival in Tonghai, and all the former 15 times were quite successful. Through years of development, theme of this event is not just about exhibition of flowers and bonsais any longer, but also lanterns, poetry and couplets, local shows, folk culture etc., as well as a promotion of business trade. The happy gathering of visitors and natives formed an atmosphere for cultural communication and economic development at the same time.


  What’s more, Tonghai government is working on rapid development of the third industry by promoting its cultural tourism through events like this. As a stunning namecard,  Flower Street provides you a better look of every aspect of Tonghai, a better understanding of its culture and history, a better communication with local people and a better opportunity of cooperation. Follow the scent here and you won’t miss this.

  (Reported by Shi Yunbo from Yuxi Daily)

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