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A Brief Introduction to Jiangchuan County

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  Jiangchuan County is located in central Yunnan, with Huaning County and Tonghai County on its southeast, Hongta District on its southwest, and Jinning County and Chengjiang County on its northwest. The distance from the south to the north of the county is 33.7 kilometers and from the east to the west 31.9 kilometers, with a total area 850 square kilometers, of which mountainous area takes up 71.67%, basin area 15.96%, and lake area 12.37%. It administrates 7 townships, 1 sub-district, 73 village committees, and 434 village groups, with a total population 280,000. Two lakes, namely Xingyun Lake and Fuxian Lake, reside within the territory of the county. There are 16 rivers running to the lakes, with a total length of 184.8 kilometers. The area of Xingyun Lake is 34.7 square kilometers, the deepest depth 10 meters and the average depth 7 meters, with a total capacity 202 million cubic meters. Fuxian Lake covers an area of 212 square kilometers, of which Jiangchuan sector is 68.94 square kilometers, taking up 32.5% of the total area. The county has convenient transportation and advantageous location. It is 100 kilometers from Kunming and 20 kilometers from Hongta District. It has well-built roads linking with counties around it. It is a vital junction to the southern and southeastern parts of the province. 

  Jiangchuan has a long history and splendid culture. The ruins from the Paleolithic Period in Gantangjing Village, Luju Township, demonstrate that human beings started to reside here several million years ago and it was the birthplace of human kind. The tombs unearthed in Lijiashan Mountain revealed the mystery of the ancient Dian Kingdom from 2,000 years ago. More than 3,000 bronze artifacts discovered here present the splendid bronze culture of the ancient Dian Kingdom. The national treasure Bull-and-tiger table has been well-known at home and abroad.

  The county has marvelous natural scenery as well as rich resources. Fuxian Lake and Xingyuan Lake both pose as water wonders and attract numerous tourists all year round. Liangwang Mountain is high and spectacular. Gushan Island is uniquely beautiful. Haimen Bridge is grand and looks like a half-moon on the water. Biyun Mountain is covered with green trees and grotesque rocks. Mingxing Fish Cave attracts people to see numerous fish there. Fuxian Lake and Xingyun Lake nurture about 40 local fishes, such as big-head fish and anti-wave fish. Jieyu Rock or Fish Boundary Rock stands between the two lakes and fishes from the two lakes never cross the rock to enter the other lake. It also has other natural wonders such as unique pumping-water-to-catch-fish, divine fish that can eat sunflower seeds, and large group of black carps swarming. Because of its fishing culture, the county has established special ways of cooking. For example, cooking fish alive in copper pot, salted fish, and whole fish feast all have become local delicacies. Phosphorus ores are the main resource of the county. Tobacco, vegetables, pig farming, aquatic products, fireworks and fire crackers, bronze artifacts, construction materials, and phosphorus products are characteristic industries of the county.

  The beautiful land of Jiangchuan also has nurtured many talented people. It has born famous general Huai Yuan who was named the perfect military man, Jin Handing who shared the same fame as Zhu De, Qu Huanzhang, the inventor of Yunnan Baiyao, Lu Zicai who received calligraphy from Sun Yat-sen for excellence in fighting against Japanese intruders, and world-famous calligraphers Yang Jiashan and Pu Wenzhi.

  The county now is at a fast-developing period. Its superb natural conditions and complete transportation infrastructure have enhanced its advantages in location. It has the first-class tobacco planting base and production technology, planting base of high-end flowers for exporting, non-polluted agricultural planting base of early-spring potatoes, reddish, cauliflower, and garlic sprouts. It relies on Longquan Sector of Yuxi Hi-tech Industrial Zone for new economic growth. It is strengthening construction of ecology and tourism of Fuxian Lake and Xingyun Lake, to make the county a well-known tourist destination in the whole country.

  In recent years, the local government has been making endeavors in accelerating its industrialization, urbanization and modernization of its agriculture and main steady economic development. From January to June in 2015, the county realized GDP 2.66 billion yuan, increased by 10.5%, local financial revenue 163 million yuan, declined by 34.2%, local financial expenditure 665 million yuan, increased by 14.6%, above-scale fixed asset investment 1.48 billion yuan, increased by 17.9%, retail sales of consumer goods 930 million yuan, increased by 12.7%, per capita disposable income of urban residents 14,913 yuan, increased by 12%, and per capita disposable income of rural residents 5,130 yuan, increased by 14%.

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