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A Brief Intriduction to Hongta District

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  Hongta District lies in the central part of Yunnan Province, with 88 kilometers from Kunming. It is the political, economic and cultural center of Yuxi City. The district governs two townships and nine sub-districts, covering 1,004 square kilometers with 503,000 permanent residents. It has great advantage in transportation as Kunming-Bangkok road and Pan-Asian Railway pass through it. It possesses rich natural resources. The mineral reserves reach 16 types including iron, silicon, bauxite, and coal. It enjoys mild climate and beautiful scenery. It has long enjoyed the fame as the home to Yunnan tobacco and home to Huadeng opera. It is the birthplace of Nie’er, the composer of China’s national anthem. It was a vital town on the tea-horse route in history and the backyard of the capital city of the province.

  In recent years, the district has based its development on science and technology to construct it into a town with economic strength, agreeable living environment, harmonious development, and ecological improvement. In 2014, the district realized GDP 61.74 billion yuan, district-owned GDP 23.22 billion yuan, district-owned gross industrial output value 47.76 billion yuan, financial revenue 2.812 billion yuan, local financial revenue 1.963 billion yuan, per capita disposable income of urban residents 28,109 yuan, and per capita disposable income of rural residents 11,836 yuan. Its per capita GDP ranked the first in the province. It has received Top Ten County with Economic Strength in Yunnan in seven successive years. The growth in its competitiveness, consumption power and regional expansion, its living standards, ecological quality and commercial activeness all come on top in the whole province. It has received various awards from the state in regard with its ecology, environment, sanitation, and harmonious development.

  Hongta District lies on the transportation junction of the province. It gathers diverse ethnic cultures. It is the state’s key tobacco production base and the key metallurgy and steel casting base in the province. The world-famous tobacco tycoon Hongta Group dwells in the district. It also harbors pillar industries and industry clusters that feature high technology, economic profitability, and promising perspectives such as high-end equipment manufacturing, supportive industries to tobacco production, biomedicine and logistics. Hongta Industrial Zone and Yanhe Industrial Zone have been listed as the major nurturing zones whose sales will exceed 100 billion yuan. Its economic development now is facing the accelerating period. With construction of central Yunnan economic circle and united development of Kunming and Yuxi, the position of Hongta District will be strengthened. It is an ideal venue for investment.

  Hongta District, with rich historic and cultural resources, superb natural resources and hospitable residents, is a booming ecological city suitable for living, investing and traveling.

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