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A Brief Introduction to Chengjiang County

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  Chengjiang County lies in the central part of Yunnan Province with 52 kilometers from Kunming and 87 kilometers from Yuxi. The whole county occupies an area of 755.95 square kilometers, of which mountainous area takes up 70.89%, water area 18.48%, and basin area 10.63%. The county governs four townships, two sub-districts, 40 village committees, 380 village groups, and 322 natural villages. The population is 174,000 in total including Han nationality, Hui nationality, Yi nationality, and Miao nationality. In 2014, the local GDP reached 6.28 billion yuan with a 8.1% growth, total financial revenue 900 million yuan, increased by 11.47%, local public budget revenue 540 million yuan, increased by 16%, fixed asset investment above the set scale 5.98 billion yuan, increased by 46.3%, retail sales of consumer goods 1.54 billion yuan, increased by 13%, the per capita disposable income of urban residents 27,494 yuan, increased by 10.2%, and the per capita disposable income of rural residents 10,532, increased by 13.4%. The natural population growth rate was 5.5‰, and urbanization rate 43.8%. In the first half of 2015, GDP is estimated to reach 2.7 billion yuan, increased by 11.8%, of which above-scale industries will grow by 310 million yuan, increased by 17.6%, local financial revenue 440 million yuan, increased by 4.3%, local financial expenditure 670 million yuan, increased by 22.8%, above-scale fixed asset investment 3.18 billion yuan, increased by 55.4%, retail sales of consumer goods 790 million yuan, increased by 13.5%, the per capita disposable income of urban residents 14,828, increased by 11.4%, and the per capita disposable income of rural residents 5,096, increased by 13.5%。

  Chengjiang possesses rich resources. It has 11 mineral resources, including phosphorus, coal and iron, of which the reserve of phosphorus reaches 650 million tons. It also has great advantage in tourism resource with a famous fossil site, a world natural heritage, and Fuxian Lake, the second deepest freshwater lake in China. Fuxian Lake possesses an area of 216.6 square kilometers when the elevation of its surface rises to 1,722.5 meters. Its water reserve is 20.6 billion cubic meters, equal to 13 Dianchi Lake, 7 Taihu Lake, and 6 Chaohu Lake, taking up 9.16% of water reserve of all freshwater lakes in China, 91.4% of state-controlled lakes with first-level water quality, and 68.3% of water reserve of the nine plateau lakes in Yunnan. It serves as a vital strategic water source for the state. The fossil site in Maotian Mountain was unearthed in 1984. So far, more than 200 species under 40 categories from the Cambrian Period have been discovered. It has been named Sacred Land of Ancient Creatures, Fossil Samples of Ancient Creatures, World Treasure Bank of Fossils, and the Most Significant Discovery of the 20th Century. On July 1, 2012, Chengjiang fossil site succeeded in its application for the world natural heritage. It is the first world natural heritage under the fossil category in China and the fourth world heritage in Yunnan. The county also has Jinlian Mountain Tombs, the largest tombs from Ancient Dian Kingdom, the largest Yunnan Dinosaur Fossil ever found, and Guansuo opera from Xiaotun Village, Yangzong Township, a living fossil of Chinese opera. It also has rich water culture, fishing culture, culture of ancient creatures, and culture of Ancient Dian Kingdom.


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