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Chengjiang Publicity Presented on “Yuxi” Cultural Tourism Express

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  Chengjiang County took full advantages of “Yuxi” Cultural Tourism Express from Kunming to Guangzhou to propagate the unique ecology and human tourism resources of Chengjiang County to passengers from 26, July to 29 July, 2017, which arose ardent attention.

  “Yuxi” D3856 Express had 8 carriage coaches. According to the names of the districts and counties of Yuxi Municipality, advertisements on local cultural tourism were installed in carriage coaches. The publicity of Chengjiang County was held in No. 5 carriage coach, in which photographic works on Fuxian Lake, Maotianshan Mountain, Sunshine Mountain, and other projects were hung under the luggage racks and on the backs of seats. The passengers could see the pictures presenting the natural scenery and historical culture of Chengjiang County no matter where they sat. “Chengjiang” elements were full of the whole carriage coach.

  The publicity teams from Chengjiang County Tourism Development Bureau, Xianhu Lotus Root Powder Factory, Image Fuxian Lake, and Yuelian Manor introduced Chengjiang County to the passengers and delivered tour brochures, and data sheets on Xianhu Lotus Root Powder & Yuelian Manor.

  The staff from Xianhu Lotus Root Powder Factory dissolved lotus root power and gave it to the passengers to taste. The lotus root power with natural flavor and that with red dates were warmly welcome by the public. Many passengers bought lotus root power, or asked the way to buy online after tasting it.


  As an important traffic hub of Pan-Asia Railway, Yuxi Municipality put high-speed trains and bullet trains into traffic by the end of last year. In order to build high-speed trains into a platform for publicity & investment promotion, to let more passengers learn about Yuxi and love Yuxi, Yuxi Municipality named the train from Kunming to Guangzhou as “Yuxi” cultural tourism express, including D3856、3853,D3802、3803. The express started to use on June 1, 2017. Oriented by superior ecological resources, and rich historical & cultural resources, “Yuxi” cultural tourism express provided a fine opportunity to propagate and display Chengjiang County. Meanwhile, it would promote tourism exchanges, as well as upgrade the image and fame of Chengjiang.



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