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How to Build Towns with Yuxi Characteristics? A Delegation Led by Secretary of the CPC Yuxi Municipal Committee Paid a Visit to Mile City to Learn from It

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  In recent days, a delegation led by Mr. Luo Yingguang, Secretary of the CPC Yuxi Municipal Committee paid a visit to Mile City to learn from the experiences and methods in planning and construction of characteristic towns. Mr. Luo Yingguang stressed that we should learn from advanced concepts and successful experiences of Mile to introduce strength investors, to highlight characteristics, to find correct position, to plan and design at high starting point and high level with international vision, and to speed up the construction of characteristic towns with high standards and high quality.

  The delegation visited Taipinghu Forest Town, Dongfengyun Town, Honghe Waterside Town, and Keyi Town. The delegates learned more in detail about the planning, construction, and operation of the four characteristic towns while watching and listening.

  Since last year, focusing on the three core elements of Industries, Characteristics and Enterprises, and 7 key points of Characteristic Building, Industrial Cultivation, Ecological Environmental Protection, Convenient Transportation, Livable Environment, Intelligent and Wisdom, and Network Integration, in accordance with the model of Government Guidance, Enterprise Entity, and Market-oriented Operation, Mile City has paid close attention to the planning, storage, packaging, screening and application of the projects of the four characteristic towns, guiding various policies and funds to gather to characteristic towns with projects as the carriers.

  RMB 6.387 billion yuan is scheduled to invest to the four characteristic towns by 2019. The total investment has been RMB 2.843 billion yuan, accounting for 44.5% of the planned investment. At present, Honghe Waterside Town is listed as the first-class characteristic town at national level in China, Dongfengyun Town, Keyi Town and Taipinghu Forest Town are listed as the first-class characteristic town at provincial level.

  Mr. Luo Yingguang pointed that the construction of characteristic towns is an important part of the innovation mode of tourism development and new urbanization construction. It is also an effective way for supply-side structural reform. The four characteristic towns in Mile City are advanced in planning concepts, distinctive in industrial characteristics, rich in cultural atmosphere, beautiful in ecological environment, and impressive. We should learn from the experience, find shortcomings, compensate and promote works.

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