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81 Projects of the Third Quarter Started in Yuxi Municipality with a Total Investment of RMB 29.2 Billion Yuan

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  On August 30, 2018, the projects of the third quarter started in Yuxi Municipality, Yunnan Province, P. R. China. The projects were 81 items with a total investment of RMB 29.2 billion yuan, relating to infrastructure, social undertakings, industrial development and other fields, including industrial investment of RMB 21.2 billion yuan, accounting for 72.6 %.

  Mr. Luo Yingguang, Secretary of the CPC Yuxi Municipal Committee announced the commencement of the 81 projects. Mr. Zhang Dehua, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yuxi Municipal Committee and Mayor of Yuxi Municipal People’s Government delivered a speech at the commencement ceremony. Mr. Bao Mingshun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yuxi Municipal Committee, Mr. Li Hongyun, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Yuxi Municipal People’s Congress, and Mr. Xia Lihong, Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee,attended the commencement ceremony.

  Mr. Zhang Dehua pointed out that centralized construction work was a concrete action to implement the  “Six Aspects Stand Out Among the Whole Province”  requested by the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, and was also an important measure to grasp projects, expand investment, and stabilize growth. At present and in the coming period, Yuxi Municipality was still in the stage of “coordinated promotion and joint efforts” between innovation-driven and investment-driven. We should not only emphasize the important engine of innovation-driven, but also attach importance to the practical means of investment-driven as before. We should continue to expand effective investment, pure into strong drive for the future development and lay a good foundation for innovation drive. Departments at all levels should always take enterprising attitude, work hard, do well in the allocation of construction forces and various elements, coordinate & solve the difficulties and problems in project construction, create a good environment and atmosphere for project construction, and ensure the successful completion of the annual investment and construction tasks. All project construction units and supervision units should carefully organize, seize the prime construction period, go all out to grasp the progress, wholeheartedly grasp the management, focus on quality, and urge the projects to be built early, put into use early, and achieve results early and make greater contributions to realize high quality and frog-leap-forward development in Yuxi.

  Since the beginning of this year, Yuxi Municipality has closely focused on the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and Yunnan Provincial People’s Government to promote investment to run at a high level, focusing on improving quality in development and the construction of projects. Investment increased 38.8% in the first quarter, and the increasing rate ranked the first in Yunnan Province. Investment increased 28.6% in the first half of this year, and the increasing rate ranked the second in Yunnan Province. From January to July, investment increased 24.8%. The commencement ceremony was another major action to expand investment, with a total investment of RMB 29.2 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of RMB 6.16 billion yuan. Compared with the second quarter, there were more projects, larger scale and wider fields, relating to infrastructure, social undertakings, industrial development and other fields, of which RMB 21.2 billion yuan was invested in industries, accounting for 72.6%, and the investment structure was adjusted and optimized. It was of great significance to promote the high-quality development of Yuxi.

  Mr. Liu Wenwei, Executive Deputy Mayor of Yuxi Municipal People’s Government presided over the commencement ceremony.



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