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Yuxi Municipal Report-back Meeting of the First Half Year of 2018 was Held to Make Accurate Efforts to Sprint Annual Goals and Tasks

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  On the morning of July 24, Yuxi Municipal Report-back Meeting of the First Half Year of 2018 was held to sum up works in the first half year, analyse current situation, arrange works in the second half year, encourage the whole city to unswervingly finish whole-year-task. It’s emphasized in the meeting that we must adhere to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the Report-back Meeting of the First Half Year of Yunnan Province, develop vitality in the reform, develop potential in opening-up, and develop impetus in the innovation, find the breakthrough points of the work, focus on targets, try best to solve difficulties & problems, and keep the good trend of economic development.


  Mr. Luo Yingguang, Secretary of the CPC Yuxi Municipal Committee attended the meeting and made a speech. Mr. Zhang Dehua, Mayor of Yuxi Municipal People’s Government hosted the meeting and arranged works. Mr. Bao Mingshun, Vice Secretary of the CPC Yuxi Municipal Committee, Mr. Xia Lihong, Chairman of the CPPCC Yuxi Municipal Committee and other leaders attended the meeting.

  The meeting pointed out that since this year, our city strove to promote high quality and frog-leap-forward development. The economic and social development of the city went well. In the first half year, the GDP of Yuxi reached RMB 65.6 billion yuan, up 9.3%. However, we should clearly notice that although there were a lot of favorable factors to finish the whole-year-task completely, there were also many difficulties and challenges we have to face. We were confronted with multiple pressure to keep the steady and good trend. We required departments at all levels analyze and judge with developmental vision, grasp opportunities and essences, keep confidence firmly, maintain strategic strength, build up bottom-line thinking, strengthen sense of urgency, insist on problem-oriented, face challenges calmly, ensure to finish all the goals and tasks this year.

  Mr. Luo Yingguang emphasized in his speech that in order to finish the work in the second half year and achieve all goals in the whole year, we must focus on prime tasks, overcome difficulties, and make accurate efforts to sprint annual goals & tasks.

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