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Chengjiang County Would Change Its Name to Fuxianhu City

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  On the morning of July 25, 2018, the Sixth Plenary Session of the Fifth Yuxi Municipal Committee of the CPC was held in Yuxi. The meeting deliberated relevant work items of repealing Chengjiang County and establishing Fuxianhu City. The Decision of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Fifth Yuxi Municipal Committee of the CPC was discussed and passed.

  The meeting heard instructions on repealing Chengjiang County, establishing Fuxianhu City, deliberated and agreed relevant items about repealing Chengjiang County and establishing Fuxianhu City.

  The meeting considered that repealing Chengjiang County and establishing Fuxianhu City was the specific practice of carrying out Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and deepening the reform & deployment of the Party Central Committee in Yuxi. It was also a specific measure to earnestly follow up the important remarks by the principal leaders of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee on the inspection tour to Yuxi. Besides, it was an objective need for the protection and management of Fuxian Lake and for the long-term development of Yuxi.

  It would promote the protection and management of Fuxian Lake to ensure the water resource of Fuxian Lake in the national strategy to keep class 1 for a long period. It would also promote to actively serve and integrate into “the Belt and Road” and the Construction of the Yangtze Economic Belt to build  Chengjiang into an international tourist city, an international healthy city and an international conference center. It would be beneficial to nurture new kinetic energy of development and build Chengjiang into a “healthy life destination”. It would be beneficial to improve the level of urbanization, build international city brand, enhance the competitiveness of the city, and accelerate the high-quality leap-forward development in Chengjiang’s economy and society. It conformed to the development of Yuxi, the realistic need of development and the will of people in Chengjiang County as well. Various indicators in Chengjiang County such as population, economy, social development had met with the standards prescribed by the state. The time was ripe for repealing Chengjiang County and establishing Fuxianhu City, and the conditions were completely available.

  The meeting emphasized that we should report the situation as soon as possible according to relevant procedure strictly and arrange all works of repealing Chengjiang County and establishing Fuxianhu City well.

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