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Yuxi Won 27.5 Gold Medals, 38 Silver Medals and 22 Bronze Medals

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  From July 28 to July 29, Tennis Match of Yunnan Provincial Game was held in Lincang Municipality. Tennis Team of Yuxi Delegation won a silver medal in first division of women’s team match. On July 30, Children’s Gymnastic Competition ended in Yuxi Children’s Sports School and Yuxi Children’s Gymnastic Team won a gold medal and a silver medal.

  At press time on July 30, Yuxi Delegation won 27.5 gold medals, 38 silver medals, and 22 bronze medals, including shooting (ended) 5 gold, 7 silver, 2 bronze; canoeing (ended) 1 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze; martial arts routines (ended) 2 silver, 1 bronze; fencing (ended) 11 gold, 11 silver, 6 bronze; gymnastics (ended) 10.5 gold, 12 silver, 11 bronze; tennis 1 silver and cycling 1 silver.

  Source: yuxidaily

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