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Yuxi's New Pattern of Opening up

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  The year of 1998 is a historical spot for Yuxi, as it officially became Yuxi Municipality.Yuxi had taken new steps to open up to the outside world since then and stepped out of a new pattern in this 20 years.The expansion of “friends circle”, the breakthrough of establishing international twin-cities, and the omnidirectional world trade of multilevel, wide area, and diversification, as well as international communication in many fields including information, technology, education, culture and so on, are all evidence to Yuxi’s big success on opening.


  In 2006, Lao’s deputy prime minister led a delegation of senior officials to visit Yuxi. After the visit, Laos and Yuxi had preliminary discussions on establishing friendly relationship. In the following year, the governor of the Lao’s Champasay Province, issued a petition to Yuxi, claiming that they agreed to a comprehensive cooperative relationship with Yuxi.

  In 2009, a delegation from Yuxi government visited Champasay, and signed the agreement on establishing twin-city relationship, putting an end to Yuxi’s "zero" era of friendly relations with foreign cities, creating both political and cultural exchanges continuously expanding scope, and the continuous increase of economic and trade exchanges.

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