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The Trip of Overseas Chinese Media to China --- Yuxi Station

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  Delegation of Overseas Chinese Media which consisted of the overseas Chinese media from the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Hungary and other 14 countries recently paid a visit to Yuxi. The reporters experienced the charm of plateau lake by Fuxian Lake, and visited Yuxi Manor, a modern agricultural demonstration base, to learn more about the economic development of Yuxi Manor, which was the first station of Yuxi Trip.


  The reporters were fascinated by the unique charm of Fuxian Lake and took photos by Fuxian Lake. Mr. Li Haodong, Stationmaster of Chinese Headlines in Hungary, said that his inherent impression on the backward economic and social development of Yunnan had been changed since the trip to Yuxi. He thought the plateau characteristic agriculture, ecological agriculture and other fields developed side by side and expressed deep appreciation for the powerful protection to Fuxian Lake. The ecological environment left a favourable impression on Ms. Chen Yanfang, Chief Director from Panama, who was fascinated by the clean water of Fuxian Lake. She said “it is worth to take time to experience the picturesque Yuxi .”

  On May 20, Reporters’ Meeting was held by Yuxi Municipal People’s Government to extend welcome to Yuxi. The great achievements in the reform & opening-up for the past 40 years, even in “the Belt and Road Initiative” was introduced by the leader of Yuxi Municipal People’s Government. The reporters communicated with each other in what they have seen and heard. They would learn more about Yuxi and report Yuxi with wonderful stories so that the influence and reputation of Yuxi would be upgraded.

  It was reported that the activity was held by the Overseas Chinese Office of the State Council and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yunnan Province, and undertaken by the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yuxi Municipal People’s Government. The Delegation of Overseas Chinese Media visited Chengjiang & Xinping counties and Hongta District to experience the charm of Fuxian Lake, the ethnic customs of Huayaodai in Xinping County, the trend of the economic & social development in Hongta District and the infinite charm Yuxi.

  Source: Yuxi Daily

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