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Luo Yingguang met with the Dean of Shanghai Music College

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  On the morning of April 1st  , Luo Yingguang, party secretary of the CPC Yuxi Municipal Committee and Mayor Zhang Dehua led a delegation to Shanghai Music College, and met with the Dean,Mr.Lin Zaiyong, to talk about the cooperation between Yuxi and Shanghai Music College, mainly regarding the construction of Nier Music Institute and other related issues for discussion.


        Last November, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed by Yuxi and  Shanghai Music College, officially opened the prelude of bilateral cooperation. The two sides reached a common intention on working together to build Nier Music Institute.

  Luo yingguang said that Shanghai music college is the top hall of music education in China, and it is the honor of yuxi to exchange and cooperate with Shanghai Music College. He also expressed his hope to accelerate the cooperation and ensure the smooth progress of the cooperation projects in time, and jointly write a bright future.

  Lin said that Shanghai Music College and Nier go way back, and the cooperation with Nier's hometown,Yuxi, is also a practical matter to promote the reform of education. Next, the two sides should continue to push forward the cooperative construction of Nier Music Institute and other projects.

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