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50 Foreign Teenagers of Chinese Origin Searched Their Roots in Yuxi

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  2018 Yuxi Camp . “Searching for Roots Tour” Summer Camp of Foreign Youth of Chinese Origin was held from March 12 to March 23 in Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, China. 50 teenagers from Thailand paid a 12-day visit to Yuxi for searching their roots to understand the profound Chinese culture, and to learn & inherit the quintessence of Chinese culture.


  During the trip, Mr. Zhang Zhijun taught the skills in Chinese ink painting in his own person and guided the teenagers to appreciate the ways in expressing one’s emotion. In Yuxi Ceramics Factory at Wayao Village in Hongta District, the teenagers appreciated Yuxi Kiln which inherited the exquisite crafts from the blue and white porcelains in Song and Ming dynasties. They visited Yuxi Municipal Museum, Nie’er Cultural Square to learn about the base situation of Yuxi and the local characteristic culture.


  “ We will bring what we have seen and heard to Thailand.” “China is really beautiful and its history is extremely charming.” the teenagers said.


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