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Yuxi Finished Construction of 13436 New Apartments

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  “To improve the housing conditions...” is one of the top 10 priorities of Yuxi government's solemn promise.


  By the end of 2017, Yuxi finished construction of 13436 new apartments, surpassing the total issued target number of this year; At the same time, in combination with poverty alleviation work, Yuxi started dangerous house renovation, a project covering 21241 households in the city, so far, 20817 of which have been completed, overfulfilling the target mission. With a lot of work and effort, Yuxi turned shanty towns into new housing areas, handing over a beautiful transcripts to the people.

Sponsorship: The CPC Committee of Yuxi Municipality Yuxi Municipal People’s Government

Undertaker: Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yuxi Municipal People’s Government

Technical Support: Yuxi Breadth Technology Co. Ltd