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The 13th Annual Open Fishing Festival

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  On December 25, the 13th annual Open Fishing Festival (highland lake aquatic products fair) in Jiangchuan, China, came to a close. Many tourists and customers will gather in Jiangchuan to have a date with delicious fish meals and experience the folk customs.


  Jiangchuan is the birthplace of the ancient Dian kingdom civilization, known as the Waterland on Yungui plateau, the Hometown of Fine Tobacco and Richland of Fish and Rice, with several big famous lakes such as Xingyun Lake and Fuxian Lake, This event is held in xingyun lake.

  Fuxian lake is rich in anti-wave fish, and there are 20 main fish in the lake of nebulae, and the famous Yangtze river head fish is produced in the lake of nebulae. The fish head is fat and delicious, and is a famous fish in the lake.

  "Open Fishing" means fishing season begins. The ancient Dian people were already aware of the fish spawning period, so it's the ancestors' rule for a certain period to catch big fish, only in winter. to avoid the spawning period and give fish breeding space fully,

  Every year on this day, a grand ceremony will be held, and tourists can enjoy the spectacle scene of "thousand boat racing and thousand people to fish" .

  If you are a self-driving tour, you can visit the lake, the green cloud temple, the boundary fish stone park and other scenic spots, and enjoy a tasty fish meal in winter.

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