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Secretary Luo Yingguang Led a Delegation to Shanghai for Business Visit

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  From November 10 to 12, Luo Yingguang, Secretary of the CPC Yuxi Municipal Committee, led a delegation to Shanghai to visit the Ocean-view Stock-holding Group, Fuxing Group and some other groups to accelerate cooperation. Luo stressed the implementation of the healthy China strategy and promotion of bio-medicine and the big health industry, as well as the transformation and upgrading of Yuxi’s industry and the enhancement of quality and efficiency.


  Luo met with senior executives from these 5 groups and introduced the economic and social development of Yuxi. He said yuxi is an ideal place for enterprises to invest and entrepreneurship because of its obvious advantages, outstanding resource endowment, good natural ecology, solid industrial foundation and excellent business environment.

  Luo pointed out that to develop of biological pharmaceutical and health industry is Yuxi’s action to carry out the strategy of Healthy China, also an absolute choice to comply with modern development, to satisfy Yuxi people's demand for health, to swallow the short board, and achieve industrial transformation and upgrading. Therefore, Yuxi will seize the opportunity to develop biomedical and health industry, health food, biological agriculture, medical equipment and other health products, as well as health management, and other health services industry, and create professional, high-end, manufacturing plus service as one of the major health industry cluster. Connecting with the Internet and information technology, Yuxi will build a innovative characteristic industry system of "big health+ medical + Internet".

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