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Jing-Hong Expressway--a New Traffic Artery in the Kunming-Bangkok International Corridor

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  On November 8, Jing-Hong Expressway was officially opened to greet visitors, as another traffic artery from Yuxi to Kunming appeared in Central Yunnan.


  Jing-Hong Expressway, 49.335 km,starting from Jinning area of Kunyang and stop at Hongta District of Yuxi , adopts two-way six-lane highway standard, with a design speed of 100 km/h.

  This is another major transportation artery in the Kunming-Bangkok international corridor. It is a vivid practice of Yunan’s construction of "One Belt And One Road", also an important connecting line of the one-hour economic circle in Central Yunnan.

  Jing-Hong Expresswaywill only take half an hour from Hongta district to Jinning and  greatly shorten the drive from Yuxi to Kunming, alleviating traffic pressure, and bringing a lot of convenience as well as a new boom for the local economy.

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