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The 2017 Changan Ford High Altitude International Super Marathon around Fuxian Lake

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  5 Kilometers of Eco-fun Running

  At 7:30 a.m.,all contestants gathered at the starting line, getting ready for the race accompanied by impassioned music. At 8:30 a.m., 3000 runners who took part in the 5 km ecole race crossed the starting line and instantly turned the whole scene into a sea of joy. Along the way, the crowd cheered and cheered, and the contestants exchanged high-fives and encouragement with the live audience and together they put on a fun carnival.


     50 Kilometers Race

  As 2018 50 km super marathon world championship test event, this race caused high attention in the field of the world's marathon athletic competition, after a bitter contest, contestants from Japan and Poland won 50 km group of men's and women's champion.  

    100 Kilometers Race

  More than 100 athletes from more than 20 countries and regions are competing in a fierce competition at Fuxian Lake . In the end, an athlete Japanese won the championship of men’s group and athlete from Argentina won the championship of women’s group.   


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