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2017 China Yuxi Science and Technology Innovation Summit

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  From September 25 to 26,the 2017 China Yuxi Science and Technology Innovation Summit was held,hosted by Yuxi Municipal People's Government and Xinhuanet


  At the opening ceremony, Luo Yingguang, secretary of the CPC Yuxi Committee, and Tian Shubin, the President of Xinhuanet delivered a speech. Zhang Dehua, Deputy-secretary and mayor, introduced Yuxi to guests. Li Hongyun, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and Xia Lihong, Chairman of the CPPCC, attended the meeting.

  "Science and education lead to development, and innovation wins the future." Luo Yingguang put it. Yuxi is a city with innovation genes and innovative potential. Yuxi will fully absorb the wisdom and insight of this summit., to learn advanced experience of both domestic and foreign science and education innovation, attract more institutions with passion, incubation center, innovation teams with dream and potential to get here, to build a good enviroment for more participation and support, furtherly activating the innovation resources, gathering factors, strengthening the innovation, to build a new platform for yuxi science and education innovation.

Sponsorship: The CPC Committee of Yuxi Municipality Yuxi Municipal People’s Government

Undertaker: Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yuxi Municipal People’s Government

Technical Support: Yuxi Breadth Technology Co. Ltd