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Yuxi will become the first network security demonstration city and network security service base in Yunnan Province

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  On September 16, Wang Li, Deputy-mayor of Yuxi, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xuan Yucai, Vice minister of Propaganda Department of Yunnan Province,  to jointly build a demonstration base for network security technology services in Yunnan province. More fundamental cooperation will be carried out on building Yuxi as a demonstration city on network security, training  base for talents on network security,innovation park and study center for network security industry, and fund raising for network security.


  As a city in Central Yunnan, Yuxi was the first to establish a department on information and network. Over the past years, Yuxi government fostered new of information technology industries such as Big Data, Cloud Services and Mobile Internet. With great breakthrough on industrial layout and increase of IT enterprises, Yuxi has built good foundation on network security and information work innovation development. This agreement will bring about new progress for Yuxi's IT industry and hence accelerate the development of Yunnan's  network security and information work.

  (Reported by Xia Na from Yuxi Daily)

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