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Yuxi Softball Team Won the First Prize of Group Competition at the International Exchange Games

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  Yuxi Softball Team won the first prize of group competition at the First Beijing International Softball Exchange Games, which were closed in recent days.

  According to introduction, the exchange games are guided by the Social Sports Management Center of State General Administration of Sports and China Ethnic Sports Association, co-sponsored by Beijing Municipal Ethnic Affairs Committee, Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, Beijing Municipal Education Committee, and undertaken by Beijing Municipal Social Sports Management Center,Beijing Municipal Ethnic Culture Exchange Center,Beijing Municipal  Ethnic Traditional Sports Association, Dongcheng District Sports Bureau of Beijing Municipality, and the Ethnic & Religion Affairs Office of Dongcheng District, and supported by Beijing Sports University.

  The games were lasted for three days with the theme of “gathering in Beijing and building harmonious dream”.  More than 1000 persons of 108 teams from the UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, Singapore and 24 provinces in China (including Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan) participated in the games, which consisted of exchange, forum and examination.

  Yuxi Softball Team participated in softball game finals of Tianjin National Games and won the copper prize in fancy collective routine on behalf of Yunnan Province in July 2017. They started training as soon as they went back to Yuxi from Tianjin. In the contest, the audience responded Yuxi Softball Team with the most enthusiastic applause. Finally, Yuxi Softball Team won the first prize of group competition,  only 0.03 higher than Beijing Softball Team, which won the first prize in Tianjin National Games.


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