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Investment Environment

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1. Advantages in transportation

    Yuxi is close to Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province. It is a vital transportation junction connecting the province with South Asia and South-eastern Asia. It is one of the core cities in the Central Yunnan Economic Zone. It also plays an important part in the development strategies such as the ASEN “10 + 1” free trade area, the economic corridor of Bangladesh, China, India, and Myanmar, the economic cooperation in the Great Mekong Sub-region, the economic cooperation in the Pan-Pearl River Delta, Changjiang River economic zone, and One Belt and One Road.

2. Advantages in resources

Yuxi possesses rich animal and plant resources. Its plants amount to more than 2,000 species. The reserves of iron, phosphorus, copper, and nickle have been verified with large quantity and high quality. It has abundant fresh-water resource, holding three of the nine high-plateau lakes in the province. Fuxian Lake within the jurisdiction is China’s largest deep-water fresh-water lake and its water remains the first class, with an elevation of 1,722.5 meters, a total area 216.6 square kilometers, and a capacity of 20.62 billion cubic meters. The average depth of the lake reaches 95.2meters with the deepest part being 158.9 meters. It is as large as 12 Dianchi Lake, 6 Erhai Lake, and 4.5 Taihu Lake, taking up 72.8% of water reserve of the nine high-plateau lakes in Yunnan and 9.16% of the total fresh-water lakes in China. The city also has great advantage in labor resource. There are altogether 13 vocational schools, providing more than 10,000 graduates annually. The redundant labor force in villages amounts to 310,000. It also has advantageous tourism resources with outstanding natural views and cultures. 

3. Advantages in industrial categories

  The city has made much endeavor in the past years to establish its industries. At the moment, the city has established mature industrial systems in tobacco production and related industries, mining and metallurgy, construction materials, bio-pharmaceutical industry, food, numerical-control machine, power-generation equipment manufacturing, photothermal application, new materials, high-plateau characteristic agriculture, and logistics. The wide range lays solid foundation for the expansion of industries.

4. Advantages in platform construction

  The city now has one national hi-tech development zone, six provincial industrial zones, one Dahua Industrial Zone under construction, and other county-level industrial zones. These zones serve as platforms for industrial development and project operations.



Basic information




Yuxi State Hi-tech Development Zone

The zone occupies 13.12 square kilometers, of which the south sector takes up 6.08 square kilometers and the Jiulong sector takes up 7.04 square kilometers. It cooperates with Jiangchuan County to establish Longquan Development Zone which occupies 30 square kilometers, adding the total area to 43.12 square kilometers.

  Tobacco and supporting industries, biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, E-information, new energy, new materials, food processing

Hi-tech Development Zone at the state level


Hongta Industrial Zone

  One of the ten hundred-billion industrial zones at the provincial level, Hongta Industrial Zone is also listed as a demonstration site of new-type manufacturing industry by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It occupies 57.6 square kilometers with the structure of one zone with eight sectors.

  Tobacco and supporting industries, biomedicine, new energy, new materials, photoelectricity, equipment manufacturing

Major industrial zone at the provincial level


Yanhe Industrial Zone

  One of the major industrial zones in Yunnan, provincial hi-tech industrial zone of numeric control equipment, provincial demonstration site of new-type industries, provincial demonstration site of recycling economy, Yanhe industrial zone is planned to occupy 42.2 square kilometers with realization of 5.6 square kilometers. The zone is developing towards to establishing logistics center open to Yunnan and Southeastern Asia, ecological new-type industrial zone, and important component of new industries at the main urban area of Yuxi city

  Modern logistics, steel rolling processing, new-type equipment, manufacturing

Key industrial zone at the provincial level


Yimen Porcelain Industrial Zone

 It is located within the sphere of One Core and Four Zones and Three Cities Development Zone in the central Yunnan. It is a key industrial zone at the provincial level. The total planned construction covers 36.6 square kilometers and 6 square kilometers has finished. It enjoys the fame such as the production site of construction porcelain in Southwest China, Yunnan hi-tech characteristic zone, Yunnan experimental site for metallurgy of rare and valuable metals, Yunnan demonstration site of new-type industries, Yunnan Supervison and Inspection Center of Porcelains

 Metallurgy of nonferrous metals, medium- and high-quality construction porcelains, processing of characteristic agricultural products, light chemical industry, light processing and manufacturing industry, new energy and new materials, equipment manufacturing, biomedical industry

Key industrial zone at the provincial level


Huaning Industrial Zone

  The zone occupies a total area of 1,067.88 hectares. It focuses on phosphorus chemical industry, pottery production, processing site of biological resources

 Phosphorus chemical industry, construction materials, biological resources, logistics and warehousing, and other light industries

Key industrial zone at the provincial level


Tonghai Hardware Industrial Zone

 One of the first 40 key industrial zones in Yunnan, Tonghai Hardware Industrial Zone lies south of the central Yunnan economic zone. It is a major component of equipment manufacturing industry in Yuxi, and a candidate for the provincial metal device manufacturing site.

Hardware, color-printing and packaging, food processing, modern logistics

Key industrial zone at the provincial level


Xinping Mining Recycling Economy Industrial Zone

 The zone is divided into four sectors with a total area of 42.41 square kilometers

 Agricultural product processing, mining and metallurgy supporting industries, deep processing of mining and metallurgy, machine casting, construction materials, warehousing, and logistics

Key industrial zone at the provincial level


Dahua Industrial Zone

 The zone consists of four parts with a total area of 155.1 square kilometers and urban construction 65.7 square kilometers

 Metallurgy and deep processing, automobile manufacturing, new-type construction materials, modern logistics, deep processing of agricultural products

Key industrial zone at the municipal level

5.Advantages in policies. Yuxi holds solid economic strength. The city’s GDP amounts to 118.47 billion yuan in 2014,public financial revenue of the local government 11.36 billion yuan, the per capita disposable income of urban residents 27,223 yuan, and the per capita disposable income of rural residents 9,969 yuan. The economic strength provides solid guarantee for investment. Yuxi is a participant in the new development of the West, the One Belt and One Road, the construction of Changjiang Economic Zone, the upgrading of China-ASEAN free-trade zone, the economic cooperation of the Greater Mekong Subregion, the cooperation of the Greater Zhujiang Region, and the economic circle of cities in central Yunnan, and therefore can provide more preferential policies for investors. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government of Yuxi regard investment invitation as a vital mission and make it an evidence in appraising officials.The city is working on improving its investment environment from establishing effective administration to fair market competition.    

6. Advantages in living environment. Yuxi lies in the central part of Yunnan,  enjoying beautiful natural environment and mature infrastructure construction. It has received titles such as Garden City of China, the State’s Most Hygienic City, Top Ten Cities for Leisure and Living in China, Top Ten Cities of Harmonious Development in China, Top Ten Low-carbon Cities in China, and Baogang Environment Award. It is listed in four successive years the Safest City in China and appraised to be excellent city in comprehensive administration by the central government. The city is ideal for living and work.

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