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Hani Luopan Palace (China Yuanjiang–Hani/Aka International Cultural Industry Zone) Construction Project, Yuanjiang County

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Hani Luopan Palace (China Yuanjiang–Hani/Aka International Cultural Industry Zone) Construction Project, Yuanjiang County


Investment & Cooperation Bureau of Yuanjiang County


Xiaotuanshan Village (Mailbox 4), northern suburbs, 6km from Yuanjiang County,Yuxi Municipality


New project


Located at Xiaotuanshan Village, with a total planning area of over 2,000mu in northern suburbs, 6km from Yuanjiang County, the project is aimed at changing Hani Luopan Ancient City into a national 4A large-scale comprehensive eco-tourism ancient city of original ethnic culture will be built to integrate tourism & reception, commerce & exhibition, film and television shooting with healthcare, recreation, and vacation by centering on the core elements of the unique regional and historical culture, the spirit of natural appearance, the planning form of visual impact of the Hani Nationality, by relying on 100 already-built rural groups of singing and dancing performance, and by creating, arranging, and rehearsing large live-action dramas that reflects the local colors such as the Nine Sacrifices and the Soul of the Clan to protect and inherit the excellent traditional culture of the Hani Nationality. The construction period and the total investment of the project is 2 years and RMB2 billion.

Implementation Principle

The Hani people are originally the nomadic people once living on the prairie of north China. They built the Luopan State at Yuanjiang back in the Yuan Dynasty, and thus Yuanjiang is recognized as the cradle of the Hani Nationality by the academic world. The Hani people use the farm tools as the pens and the earth the paper to draw a scroll of magnificent painting of mountains and rivers, having deposited colorful, precious cultural treasures in religion & myth, poem & dance, medicine & education, garment & celebration. The Hani Terrace is the World Intangible Cultural Heritage, and the Hani Zongshan Dance has been enlisted into the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage reserves. By virtue of the above cultural and natural resources, Yuanjiang has launched the construction project–Luopan State, the Native Place of the Hani People, to forge the cultural brands like the Hani People’s Hometown–Luopan State, the Permanent Place of the Hani Culture, and the Special Window of the Hani Style.

Construction Condition

The project is 6km from Yuanjiang County, and the traffic here is convenient.

Supply of Main and Supplementary Materials and Availability of Labor Resources

Stone, sand, gravel, lime, etc.: Around the project site, there are lots of quarries with quality stones that can be used as building materials. The transportation distance is short.

Cement: There are many cement factories in Yuanjiang County and its vicinity producing various grades of Portland cement that can be supplied for the project construction.

Labor force: The labor resources are abundant (mostly coming from Yuanjiang County, Honghe, Mojiang), and the labor cost is about RMB15,000-25,000/year.

First-Phase Preparations and Progress

(1) Preliminary work: having collected the historical and cultural materials of the Hani Luopan Ancient City; having worked out its development proposal.

(2) Having completed the preliminary design and the working plan.

Environmental Impact

The primary pollution source of the project comes from the catering services and residents, and its pollutants are chiefly composed of exhaust gas, wastewater, solid wastes, and noise.

Investment Estimation & Fund Raising

Investment estimation: RMB2 billion

Way of fund raising: corporation self-financing

Preliminary Economic Benefit Analysis

In 2014, Yuanjiang County received 349 person-times of overseas tourists and 1.07 million person-times of domestic tourisms, having realized RMB690 million-total revenue. The construction of the project will attract a lot of tourists, lead to a good market prospect, accordingly bringing high economic benefits.

Ways of Cooperation

Sole proprietorship, joint venture or other ways

Contact Info

Contact Unit: Investment & Cooperation Bureau of Yuanjiang County, Yuxi Municipality, Yunnan Province, P. R. China

Contact Person: Ms. Ma, Ms. Wu

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Fax: 86-877-6019108

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Contact Unit: Yuanjiang County Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio & TV, and Sports

Contact Person: Bai Canling

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Fax: 86-877-6019223

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