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Gasa Areca Garden Automobile Camp Development Project, Xinping County

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Gasa Areca Garden Automobile Camp Development Project, Xinping County


Investment & Cooperation Bureau of Xinping County


Nanbang Community, Gasa Town, Xinping County,Yuxi Municipality


New project


Occupying an area of about 100mu, the project is proposed to introduce external investments to comprehensively develop the entire areca garden to match the new countryside complex construction based on the automobile camp tourism project that is to be constructed with external investments. According to the plan, a tourism complex will be built to integrate the automobile camp, leisure & entertainment, outdoor sports, water park, shopping, food, sightseeing agriculture with special agricultural products, or a first-rate outdoor sports tourism center that is the model of China’s new countryside complex and well known in the world. The total investment, construction period, and floor space of the project are RMB 500 million, 3 years, and about 100mu respectively.

Implementation Principle

The project complies with the national industrial development policy as well as the tourism development planning and the land use planning of Xinping County.

Construction Condition

Xinping County is situated at the southwest by the central part of Yunnan Province and the eastern foot of middle section of the Ailao Mountains.Gasa Town is located by the Gasa River at the foot of the Ailao Mountains, 480-550m above the sea level, with an average annual temperature of 18 degrees Centigrade, an average annual rainfall of 1,100mm; the area is the accumulating place of tourism, mineral, and water power resources of Xinping County. The sand beach on the riverbed of the proposed construction site of the project is nearly 1,000mu, and by the riverside, there stand flourishing trees, forming beautiful scenery; with the planned area, there are 385 households with totaling 1,625 Huayao Dai people, 1,379mu-farm lands, and 300mu-woodlands. The people here are mainly engaged in planting, breeding, and catering, and profit from rich and colorful Huayao Dai cultural resources.

Supply of Main and Supplementary Materials and Availability of Labor Resources

Raw materials: the building materials of the project can be purchased from the local markets and towns that are not far from the construction site.

Auxiliary materials: water, electricity, and others needed by the project are available. The water supply for operation can be settled internally; the electricity price is determined as per the unitary price of Yunnan Province, with the lowest at RMB0.324/kwh (June-November), the highest at RMB1.288/kwh (January-April, December), and charged differently by two periods: the wet season and the dry season.

Labor force: The existing population of Xinping County is 285,000, including 220,000-labor force population, and the average monthly wage of the labor force is RMB1,800 or so.

First-Phase Preparations and Progress

The preliminary work has been completed, i.e., feasibility study, environmental assessment, water protection, preliminary design.

Environmental Impact

The primary pollution generated by the project includes the building rubbishes in construction, the wastes and sewage in operation, the pesticides, and chemical fertilizers and their packaging bags resulting from sightseeing agriculture. The project should be provided with relevant environmental protection measures and the wastes and pollutants should be properly treated in strict accordance with the environmental requirements before discharge. The responsibility for the pollution found in construction shall be defined in the contract to be treated in strict accordance with related environmental requirements. The household garbage and waste water generated in operation should be appropriately disposed as per requirements to minimize the adverse effects upon the surroundings.

Investment Estimation & Fund Raising

Investment estimation: RMB500 million

Way of fund raising: corporation self-financing

Preliminary Economic Benefit Analysis

The tourism project is expected to realize above RMB100 million-annual output value, RMB20 million-profit, and RMB6 million tax revenue, after being put into operation. Its complementary project can generate a considerable return on investment as well, and the payback period is estimated to be about 5 years.

Ways of Cooperation

Sole proprietorship

Contact Info

Cont Unit: Investment & Cooperation Bureau of Xinping County, Yuxi Municipality, Yunnan Province, P. R. China

Contact Person: Yu Guangming

Contact Tel.: 86-877-7612565

Fax: 86-877-7718088

Email: xpxzshzj@sina.com

Sponsorship: The CPC Committee of Yuxi Municipality Yuxi Municipal People’s Government

Undertaker: Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yuxi Municipal People’s Government

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