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Qiluhu Lake Wetland Park Ecological Construction Project, Tonghai County

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Qiluhu Lake Wetland Park Ecological Construction Project, Tonghai County


Investment & Cooperation Bureau of Tonghai County


Qiluhu Lake, Tonghai County,Yuxi Municipality


New project


The project is planned to establish the ecological wetland park in Qiluhu Lake, Tonghai County with the coverage of 13km2 (about 20,000mu). It is an ecological wetland park centering on the views of “Lake, Birds and Trees”, purifying the water quality of Qiluhu Lake and integrating with protection, recovery, utilization, research, sightseeing, experiencing, publicity and education. The total investment of the project is RMB2 billion with the construction period of 3 years.

Implementation Principle

The Tonghai Plan for the Construction of Ecological County, The Fundamental Idea and Strategy in the Twelfth-Five Year Plan for the Environmental Protection of Tonghai County, The Control Program for Composite Pollution along Qiluhu Lake. The project has been incorporated into the local development plans.

Construction Condition

Qiluhu Lake is located within Tonghai County of Yunnan Province. It is also called Tonghai and is 1.5km away from Tonghai County at the south. It belongs to the Nanpanjiang River System. It belongs to the lake with fault and foundering and the main axis thereof is in east-west direction. It is 1796.62m in depth and 36.73km2 in coverage. The lake shoreline is 45km long and the lake is 13.5km long. The width of the lake is 2.72km on average with the maximum of 5.2km. The capacity of the lake is 145 million m3 with the catchment area of 340.8km2. At current, the water quality of Qiluhu Lake belongs to the Low-V type. In 2014, Tonghai County has realized the total output value of RMB7.9 billion, the local financial revenue of RMB500 million, the total retail sales of consumer goods of RMB2.38 billion, the fixed asset investment over scale for RMB2.7 billion, the per capita disposable income of rural residents for RMB27,062 and the rural per capita net income of RMB11,475.

Supply of Main and Supplementary Materials and Availability of Labor Resources

The conditions of resources and availability of main raw materials: local supply of raw construction materials like nursery stock and gravel, steels and cement can be supplied by the neighboring market.

The water, electricity, gas and other auxiliary materials are in sufficient supply for the project, and the traffic is convenient. The water price is RMB4.9/m3 and the electrovalence is RMB0.45/KWH-RMB0.8/KWH. As there are nearly 150 thousand labors in the whole county, the labor resources are sufficient. The labor price in Tonghai County is about RMB2200/month

First-Phase Preparations and Progress

In 2013, the Tonghai People’s Government approved The Tonghai Plan for the Construction of Ecological County, in which the construction of Qiluhu Wetland Park is an important part. In 2014, the park passed the National Wetland Park Evaluation.

Environmental Impact

The project shall be strictly in accordance with the relevant national standards and requirements in environmental protection.

Investment Estimation & Fund Raising

Investment estimation: RMB2 billion

Way of fund raising: government allocations and investors self-financing

Preliminary Economic Benefit Analysis

The pay back period is at the medium and the economic benefits of investors in the process of financing are reflected according to the contract.

Ways of Cooperation

Sole proprietorship, cooperation, EPC model

Contact Info

Contact Unit: Investment & Cooperation Bureau of Tonghai County, Yuxi Municipality, Yunnan Province, P. R. China

Contact Person: Wang Xueming

Contact Tel.: 86-15987098466

Fax: 86-877-3029160

E-mail: 908021970@qq.com

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