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Development and Construction Project of Xiangbi Hot Spring Eco-Tourism Demonstration Zone,Huaning County

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Development and Construction Project of Xiangbi Hot Spring Eco-Tourism Demonstration Zone,Huaning County


Huaning County Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio & TV, and Sports


Xiangbishan, Ningzhou Sub-district, Huaning County,Yuxi Municipality


Reconstruction & expansion project


The project is planned to construct a comprehensive tourist resort that integrates holidays, conferences & recreation, recuperation, sports with entertainment & health care based on the Xiangbi Hot Spring, the forest park, and other resources, with the purpose of creating a tourism brand that ranks first in Yunnan and renowned at home and abroad. The project covers an area of 3,000mu and will be completed in 5 years.

Implementation Principle

General Planning Outline of the Economic Belt of Kunming-Yuxi-Honghe Tourism Culture Industry

General Planning of Fuxian Lake-Xingyun Lake Eco-Construction and Tourism Reform & Development Pilot Area

The project is located in the radiation zone of the Fuxian Lake-Xingyun Lake Pilot Area and consistent with the policy of Yunnan Province about developing the “large tourism industry.”


Construction Condition

The construction site is in abundant supply of water and electricity, free of heavy-polluting companies, with complete communication facilities, a first-class highway passing through, and convenient traffic.

Supply of Main and Supplementary Materials and Availability of Labor Resources

Raw materials: high-quality hot spring resources

Auxiliary materials: available water and electricity, convenient traffic

Labor force: abundant

First-Phase Preparations and Progress

Having formulated the final draft of the conceptual planning, the business proposal, the assets appraisal, the resettlement program for vocational village restructuring (discussion draft)

Environmental Impact

The major pollutant generated by the project is waste water, which can meet the environmental discharge standard after being treated with advanced process. The development planning and construction of the tourism area hew to the Environmental Protection Law of the P.R.C, Forest Law of the P.R.C, Law of the P.R.C on the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution, Law of the P.R.C on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution, Energy Conservation Law of the P.R.C, Regulations on the Management of Landscape and Famous Sceneries, Code for Scenic Area Planning, while laying equal stress on development and protection.

Investment Estimation & Fund Raising

Investment estimation: RMB1 billion

Way of fund raising: self-financing by the investor

Preliminary Economic Benefit Analysis

The investment and profit analysis are chiefly involved in the evaluation of the investments within the control range of the medium-and long-term planning & development. The development investments from the first phase to the third phase are estimated to be RMB1 billion, including RMB100 million at the first phase (comprehensive service area), RMB800 million at the second phase (rehabilitation resort), RMB100 million at the third phase (eco-tourism living area). The payback periods of and the revenues (mainly comprising the annual operational income and the property sales profit) generated from the first, second, and third phases will be 2 years, 2 years, 4 years, and RMB34.35 million, RMB93.5 million, RMB77.04 million respectively.

Ways of Cooperation

Sole proprietorship

Contact Info

Contact Unit: Huaning County Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio & TV, and Sports,Yuxi Municipality, Yunnan Province, P. R. China

Contact Person: Luo Derong

Contact Tel.: 86-13887744988

Fax:  86-877-5018919

Email: tourim.hn@163.com

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Undertaker: Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yuxi Municipal People’s Government

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