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Dayingjie Large-scale Comprehensive Amusement Park Development & Construction Project, Hongta District

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Dayingjie Large-scale Comprehensive Amusement Park Development & Construction Project, Hongta District


Dayingjie Sub-district Office, Hongta District


Changli Community, Dayingjie Sub-district, Hongta District,Yuxi Municipality


New project


Situated at Changli Community, Dayingjie, with convenient traffic and rich geothermal spring resources, the project is proposed to construct a large-scale amusement park, sort of the Disneyland. The implementation of the project will play an important role in fully using the local resources, driving the industrial upgrading, guiding the farmers to amass a fortune, and promoting employment. The control area of the project is about 120mu and the construction period is expected to be 3-4 years starting from the commencement.

Implementation Principle

The project abides by the policies related to cultural and tourism industries and in combination with the decisions of the State Council about expediting the development of the pension services and studying, deploying, and promoting the development of health services. The project meets the Development Planning of Hongta District on Tourism & Culture Industries during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period.

Construction Condition

Lying at central Yunnan, Hongta District covers an area of 1,004 km2, where the traffic is convenient and the weather is pleasant. The entire area features a mid-subtropical plateau monsoon climate, humid all around the year, and cold in winter. The average annual temperature is 16 degrees Centigrade, with 2,267-hour year-round sunshine and a 51% sunshine rate. In 2014 in Hongta District, the regional GDP reached RMB61.745 billion, the district GDP amounted to RMB23.22 billion, the local fiscal revenue aggregated to RMB2.812 billion, the per capita GDP was still the highest across Yunnan Province. The district has been listed among the top ten economy-prosperous counties of Yunnan Province for seven successive years. In 2014, Hongta District received 6.3405 million tourists, which brought a tourism income of  RMB3.588 billion.

Supply of Main and Supplementary Materials and Availability of Labor Resources

The project site is rich in exploited and not-yet-exploited geothermal resources. The principal raw materials of the project, such as cement, steel, are supplied, purchased, transported locally. The comprehensive average price of non-domestic water supply is RMB4.7/m3; the electricity price is determined according to the current standard of Yuxi City; and the labor force within the region is ample and can satisfy the construction requirement.

First-Phase Preparations and Progress

The Control and Guidance of the Development Planning of the Changli Hot Spring Tourism Area in Hongta District has been reviewed, and the Conceptual Planning established. At present, the land category and status are being positively schemed and adjusted.

Environmental Impact

The sewage and garbage generated during project operation will be disposed with the sewage discharge treatment system and sanitation measures. The construction and operation of the project will follow relevant national environmental standards.

Investment Estimation & Fund Raising

Investment estimation: RMB500 million

Way of fund raising: corporation self-financing

Preliminary Economic Benefit Analysis

The project developer, the local government, and the local residents will obtain sustainable yields from the project. In 2014, the sub-district where the project is situated received more than 1.5 million person-times of tourisms, realizing RMB140 million tourism income and RMB7.74 million profits and tax revenues. It is estimated by 2015 the annual reception rate of tourists will be increased to 1.8 million person-time, including 1 million person-time on holidays and vacations.

Ways of Cooperation

Sole proprietorship, joint venture

Contact Info

Contact Unit: Dayingjie Sub-district Office, Hongta District, Yuxi Municipality, Yunnan Province, P. R. China

Contact Person: Cao Jie

Contact Tel.: 86-13908773095

Fax: 86-877-2771251

Email: caojie3095@163.com

Sponsorship: The CPC Committee of Yuxi Municipality Yuxi Municipal People’s Government

Undertaker: Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yuxi Municipal People’s Government

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