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Yuxi Yanhe Industrial Zone

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Location: in south Hongta District, 8 kilometers from downtown

Planning area: 35 square kilometers

Development direction: iron and steel industry featuring iron and steel production and steel rolling processing, equipment manufacturing featuring numerical control machine, new energy featuring solar energy equipment, modern service industry featuring modern logistics, characteristic medium and small size industries featuring small size machines, high-quality hardware, and new-type construction material

Infrastructure: Infrastructure: It possesses mature construction of roads, power supply, communication, water supply and drainage, educational and medical service, one 220 KV transformation station, and two 110 KV transformation stations

Contact: Administration Committee of Yanhe Industrial Zone

Telephone: 86-877-2991022

Sponsorship: The CPC Committee of Yuxi Municipality Yuxi Municipal People’s Government

Undertaker: Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yuxi Municipal People’s Government

Technical Support: Yuxi Breadth Technology Co. Ltd