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How Can Yuxi Attract Travelers From All Over the World?

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  In recent years, with the Municipal Party Committee and the Government of Yuxi cultivating the cultural tourism industry as a pillar industry and insisted on laying the foundation, creating a brand and setting up a good image, a round of boom in tourism has been launched in Yuxi. With the accelerating pace of the Kunming-Yuxi-Honghe Cultural Tourism Industry Economic Belt construction, the tourist culture industry of Yuxi is developing under the impetus of the Municipal Party Committee and the Government of Yuxi, under the joint effort of the municipal-level government and the county-level government and with interactions among people.

Seizing the Opportunity, Promoting the Transformation and Upgrading of Cultural Tourism Industry

  Being endowed with unique tourism culture resources like Fuxian Lake, Ailao Mountain, Maotian Mountain, Lijia Mountain, and Xiushan Mountain, Yuxi is located in the center of Yunnan, close to Kunming, at the intersection of the Kunming-Bangkok International Channel and the Eastern Line and Center Line of the Trans-Asia Railway, with obvious regional advantages. The determinations of the One Belt One Road strategy, the construction of the Kunming-Yuxi-Honghe Cultural tourism industry Economic Belt and other opportunities have drawn a grand blueprint for the development of Yuxi tourism. This year, the Two Session government work report has clearly put forward steps to develop and strengthen the cultural tourism industry, cultivate the new pillar of tourism industry and promote the integrative development of ecology and culture as well as urban and rural construction. In the face of a golden opportunity in development, our Tourism Development and Culture Department sprang into action to discover advantages and characteristics of Yuxi, strengthen the development of tourism products, create new publicity and marketing modes for tourism and promote the transformation and upgrade of the tourism industry.

  Fuxian Lake is the core of the tourism culture resources of the central region of Yunnan Province and the engine of tourism culture development of Yuxi. For the past few years, the Municipal Party Committee and the People’s Government of Yuxi have roundly weeded out all unqualified projects along Fuxian Lake, raised the project threshold and enhanced efforts to accelerate the construction of high-quality projects and a good situation for prosperous industry has emerged around Fuxian Lake. After the Angsana subordinated to the Banyan Tree - a famous international hotel brand setting branch hotel along Fuxian Lake, Hilton Hotel at Laoyingdi on the northeast bank of Fuxian Lake had its grand opening on May 1st, 2015. This is the first branch hotel of Hilton Hotel established in Yunnan and will be officially opened to the public at the beginning of June. As Hilton Hotel is the largest and the most famous hotel brand all over the world, it has an epoch-making significance for improving the service quality of hotels along Fuxian Lake to make Fuxian Lake associate with international high-end hotels and high-end customers.

  On the basis of introducing large projects and boosting development, the People's Government of Yuxi keeps promoting the upgrade of One Core, Two Wings industrial distribution and focusing on developing core tourist areas represented by tourism core areas in central urban area, three lakes (Fuxian Lake, Xingyun Lake and Qilu Lake) tourist areas and the Ailao Mountain Red River Valley Tourist Area to build large-scale scenic spots, provide effective management, put the scenic spots into operation and make the major scenic regions and scenic spots more and more attractive.

Solidifying the Foundation, Accelerating the Construction of Tourism Supporting Facilities

  While enhancing the overall planning, the Municipal Party Committee and the People's Government of Yuxi commit to perfect the construction of supporting tourism facilities and better lead citizens to develop business tourism products by strengthening the construction of infrastructure and providing more supporting services.

  Convenient traffic is an essential foundation to promote the rapid development of the cultural tourism industry. In recent years, our government has accelerated the construction pace of Jinning-Hongta Expressway and Jinning-Jiangchuan Expressway to provide more convenient traffic conditions for the ecological private traveling from Kunming to Yuxi, speeded up the construction of the three tourist routes, including the Three-Lake Tourism Link, the Ailao Mountain-Red River Valley National Customs Tour Route and the Yimen-Hongta District-Huaning Special Ecological Tour Route and expedited the building of rural tourism roads to make Yuxi become an important tourist destination which runs through the entire city and connects the outside with the inside.

  The construction steps of international high-end resort hotels are also speeding up. Except the world-class Hilton Hotel which is located in Chengjiang, the main work of the Aquamarine River in Hongta District has been completed and 5-star hotels in Xinping, Yuanjiang, etc. are under construction. Our government has also accelerated construction on the first tourism products, enhanced the construction of Cambrian Paradise, Time Gallery Road and Three Ancient Villages; strengthened the hundred-village demonstration and thousand-village management project; kept perfecting structures and improving quality; endeavored to improve the basic tourism conditions of Yuxi and enhance the service capacity. As the key construction projects are progressing smoothly in Yuxi, a solid foundation has been laid for the rapid development of the tourism industry in Yuxi.

Intensifying Infiltration, Combining Tourism Industry with Other Industries for Integrative Development

  While giving full play to the effects of leading, driving and radiating large-scale tourism projects, our government has paid close attention to the simultaneous development between the tourism industry and other industries and has worked hard to realize the related and interactive development between tourism and culture, ecological construction, agriculture, industry, traffic, urban and rural construction, etc.

  Within the area of Chengjiang and other counties along the lake, the government accelerated the adjustment step to the agricultural industry which takes blueberry, lotus roots, landscaped and nursery-grown plants as featured products to energetically develop ecological tourism agriculture along lakes and rivers on the basis of protecting Fuxian Lake. In the region of the Ailao Mountain-Red River Valley, the government has energetically developed plateau-featured agricultural products represented by oranges and ecological sightseeing tourism via land transaction. By building an advanced clean city, promoting the construction of beautiful villages and enhancing the hundred-village demonstration and thousand-village management work, the government strengthened its efforts in the planning and construction of urban areas and the overall development of urban and rural areas to accelerate the development step of tourism cities, tourism towns and tourism villages. Currently, tourist destinations in Yuxi are no longer restricted to some scenic spots or towns, but cover most parts of the city. A batch of typical rural tourism areas represented by Hongta District and Huangcaoba have emerged, the Ailao Mountain-Red River Valley Tourism Core Area is well integrated with the national culture, natural scenery, cuisine culture, etc. that has been developed to a higher level.

  By attracting investment, our government has also newly produced a large batch of new business format-featured tourism products. Along with the smooth construction of key projects, the tourism products are transforming from sightseeing tourism products to leisure tourism products and other diverse composite products to meet the new tourism consumption demands.

Exploring Characteristics, Energetically Developing Cultural Tourism Industry

  Yuxi is the hometown of Nie Er- a famous Chinese musician and also the village of cloud and mist, the village of the lantern festival and the village of the plateau, with rich national and cultural resources, a long history including the Yunnan Kingdom culture, Xiushan Mountain Culture, Hongta Culture, Huayaodai culture, etc. which are full of distinctive characteristics and also possessing ancient animal fossils on Maotian Mountain. In recent years, the People's Government of Yuxi paid close attention to developing cultural features, taking cultural construction as the connotation and energetically developing the cultural tourism industry.

  Since 2009, the government of Yuxi has continued to carry out many activities including Nie Er Music (Chorus) Week, etc. to carry forward the patriotism and artistic spirit of Nie Er which greatly boosted the development of the music culture industry in Yuxi, roundly promote the urban construction, new rural construction and beautiful village construction by building national couplets cultural city and accelerate the cultivation of special industries including Huaning pottery and Jiangchuan copper which have become special industries with output value of more than RMB 200 million. Presently, all kinds of cultural activities have been carried out in different areas with many highlights, greatly enriching the spiritual and cultural life of urban and rural people and making valuable contributions to the development of the cultural tourism industry.

  As more and more tourism culture products were produced, our government took new measures to promote the tourism information industrialization. With the help of traditional and new media, the government keeps popularizing tourism to Yuxi and promoting new tourism products, effectively introducing Yuxi to tourists inside and outside the province and widely advertise the characteristics, advantages and services of the tourism destination to the public.

  This June, our government will also launch the smart tourism system to provide smart services, smart marketing, smart management and smart experiences and will be in charge of works related to smart Yuxi to intensify publicity and marketing and lay emphasis on the development of customer markets in Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. Furthermore, the government will also deeply implement the Tourism Law of the People's Republic of China to strictly crack down on violations on the tourist market, further standardize the tourist market rules, improve the tourism service quality and better protect the legal interests of tourism consumers to attract travelers from all over the world with high-quality services.

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