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The Lijiashan Bronze Ware Museum

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  The Lijiashan Bronze Ware Museum is located at No. 1, Xingyun Road West, Dajie Town, Jiangchuan County, with a total land area of 3, 665.9 square meters. Its main building is in the form of sì hé yuàn, a traditional Chinese house of four-section compound of the style of the Ming and Qing dynasties, facing northward with yellow glazed tiles on its roof and a pool in the compound.

  The Lijiashan Bronze Ware Museum is a professional museum of county level in Yunnan Province, focusing on the collection, preservation, study and exhibition of the cultural relics unearthed at Lijiashan, Jiangchuan. It is an important window and base for the publication and promotion for the Jiangchuan bronze ware culture. The major collections include: Shell Storage Vessel with strong ethnic and cultural characteristics, bronze drums, bells, various shapes of copper buckle with exquisite workmanship, bionic weapon with animal pattern, a large amount of bronze tools, various gold and jade jewelry, etc. These collections have been in exhibitions to Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Changsha, Nanchang, etc.

  Presently there in the Museum are events as follows: the exhibition of Lijiashan Ancient Dian Bronze Culture Exhibition, showing more than 300 pieces of cultural relics unearthed at the LijiaShan with a display area of about 500 square meters; the exhibition of Jiangchuan Fishery Culture with the local characteristics, named Xingfuyuyun, featuring more than 100 pieces of Jiangchuan fishery culture relics; the exhibition of Jiangchuan County Ancient Inscription Rubbings with more than 50 pieces of the inscription rubbings in various historical period of Jiangchuan. There are aperiodically temporary exhibitions on popular science, calligraphy and painting, sculpture art, etc. The museum has been named as the "Patriotic Education Base in Yunnan province", "Science Popularization Education Base in Yunnan province" and "National Science Popularization Education base".

  Required length of time for visiting: 1.5 hours

  Recommended route for visiting: Kunming City - Yuxi City – Jiangchuan County – the Lijiashan Bronze Wares Museum. The whole journey is about 120 km and 1 hour and 43 minutes’ driving.

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