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The Ancient Dian Culture Park

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Gushan Island

  Being one of the National 3A-Class Scenic Spots, first "Sleepless Island" in Yunnan Province and one of the Provincial Scenic Spots, the Ancient Dian Culture Park is located on the southwest coast of China’s deepest plateau freshwater lake - Fuxian Lake (Mingxing Village, Jiangcheng Town). The Park features a valuable natural lake landscape, a rich and unique fish culture, a long history of humanity resources and fresh natural pastoral scenery, combining risky mountains, strange stones, quiet environment and beautiful view together.

  The Ancient Dian Culture Park consists of several star-rated hotels, "an avenue, a square, six parks" (Gudian Avenue, Bronze Culture Square, Bronze Culture Park, Nationality Cultural Park, Leisure Entertainment Park, Park of Cultural Goods, Water Experience Park, Cuisine Culture Park), Fish Boundary Stone, Herring Array and Ten Scenes, Eight Pavilions, Four Wonders, Three Strange. Distinctive delicacies: Highland Water Town Boiled Fish in Copper Pot, Dianguo Hometown Stewed Potato with Rice in Copper Pot, Salt Meat with Pickled Radish, etc.

  The weather here is very agreeable and it's like spring all the year round in favor for tourists in all seasons with high seasons in summer and autumn. Fuxian Lake boasts of its clean and clear water and is an ideal tourist destination for leisure vacation, providing a wide range of leisure services, such as beach volleyball, beach football, rubber boats, pedal boat, swimming, sunbathing, cycling around the lake, fishing, etc.

  Required length of time for visiting: 2.5 hours

  Recommended route for visiting: Kunming City - Yuxi City – Jiangchuan County - Jiangcheng Town - the Ancient Dian Culture Park on the southwest coast of Fuxian Lake. The whole journey is about 137.1 km and about 2 hours and 13 minutes’ driving.

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